Our Aim is having YOU have
an Effortless Property experience...

So how do we achieve this?

Well let's say we make it as simple for you as possible by doing everything we can for you.

These days its just plain dangerous and risky to try and do the management of property yourself. Over 150 pieces of legislation cover everything about the tenancy and property and it's sad to say that very little is in the investors favour. We see more and more courts ruling in favour of tenants for the slightest mistake by the agency or landlord, we see huge allowances by the courts for lateness, unpreparedness and just plain milking the broken system. 

Effortless to the team here means that we are landlords and investors ourselves, so we deeply understand the problems faced, the challenges with constant change and government's outright abuse of landlords. So from this perspective we look to shield you from this by adding services that mean we do the work that's required, filling out forms, supplying reports, chasing contractors, tenants and suppliers as well as, all the time, doing the normal and expected services. 

My personal background is in building investor's portfolios, what we call Portfolio Management, it means that we can give a unique perspective of how to grow your portfolio, including things like use of mortgages, taxation, structures and the many other facets of this specialised field of property investment. 

ARLA Propertymark
At Ezytrac all our senior staff and many of the rest of staff (even our administrators and apprentices) are ARLA Propertymark qualified which means you have experienced and trained professionals who know and understand the legal framework we find ourselves in. 

Ezytrac was originally founded in 2009 by Arlene and myself, we were both frustrated with the level of involvement we needed to have in our growing portfolios and saw the same with our investors. So rather than made do we set up Ezytrac's Effortless Property Agency to let and manage our clients growing portfolio's. In early 2017, we reached the management of 1200 of our clients properties and growing. 

In 2018, Arlene and I returned back at the helm to see the refocusing on our core values and taking the business to the next level which includes the development of a franchise model for local agencies. 

Achieve Effortless Today!

Brett Alegre-Wood - Group Managing Director at Ezytrac Property Group

Brett Alegre-Wood - Founder & Group Managing Director

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  • Professional ARLA and NAEA Qualified Agency and Staff.
  • Portfolio Management
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