The dangers of doing it yourself.

I wrote an article a few weeks back where I simply grabbed my Level 3 Property Lettings and Management course book (about 4 inches thick) and listed every piece of legislation that Landlords are exposed to and expected to have knowledge of. Some are very simple such as Deposits, or gas safety, many are a little less known such a furniture, carbon monoxide and some draw a blank for most people, even agents.

I cannot stress enough that these days you have to keep up to date with the constantly changing legislation and unless this is your profession (which it is for all of our team over 25 and growing) its very hard to keep up with things. Oh… and if you don’t keep up… Don’t expect an ounce of understanding from the tenant or the judge. They will throw you out of court in a jiffy.

Court appearance cost at least £1000 and much more if you haven’t serve the correct documents or the documents correctly.

So don’t learn the hard way. Pay professionals who will get the job done for you.

Yours in effortless,